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Caring for children can be challenging and even lonely work. Membership is designed to help sustain you on a regular basis by giving you access to a supportive community and a trusted facilitator. Memberships offer several regular benefits: group support meetings, an online forum, and discounts on self-paced courses and coaching. You can also choose a membership level that includes one coaching session a month. Memberships renew automatically, and you can adjust or cancel your membership at any time without jumping through hoops. 

Questions? Check out the FAQ below.

Monthly Membership Benefits:
Unity and diversity partnership as heart hands in a group of diverse people connected toge
1 Group Support meeting per month
Speech clouds in the center of a people circle. Discussion processes in a team or communit
Access to private online forum
Little Asian Baby Boy Talking On A Retro Telephone..jpg
10% off coaching sessions
Closeup Of Little Children Hands Doing Finger Painting With Various Colors.jpg
10% off self-paced courses & webinars
Group Support Meetings

The primary benefit of membership at Respectful Caregiving is access to our regular group support meetings. The first week of each month has several meetings for you to choose from. Each group meeting is intentionally kept small at 8-12 participants, with more options added to the rotation as our membership grows. 

Group support meetings are one hour long. During a group support meeting, you will have a chance to share your struggles and triumphs about caring for children. Group members practice reflective listening with each other, and give feedback and suggestions when asked, as guided by your experienced facilitator. You will find you have a lot in common with the others in your group, and over time we will form a community of support for each other. 

To help you get an idea what being in a group support meeting might feel like, here are some core principles of Respectful Caregiving you will experience in group support:

  • We give each other room to grow. We allow authenticity by making room for our imperfections. We can be kind with each other as we experiment, make mistakes, and find new ways of being with children.

  • We share and accept our emotions. All feelings can be accepted, even if certain actions must be limited. We strive to find ways to feel everything within us while also maintaining respectful boundaries for others.

  • We are all doing our best to meet our needs. Sometimes it takes thoughtfulness and input from others to figure out good ways to balance the needs of adults and children. 

  • We grow differently from each other. We all have different learning processes and different goals. We also have different cultural and racial backgrounds and different lived experiences. We can learn from each other's differences instead of criticizing or trying to conform to a rigid "right" way.

Respectful Caregiving applies these principles of trust to children and adults. There are no structured learning guidelines or deadlines in Group Support, just kindness and patience as we learn and grow together. 

Each month, you have the opportunity to sign up for one of the following meetings, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Meetings offered will be adjusted over time to reflect the number of members in the community. 

Schedule for 2024:

Fridays 10am and 5pm, Pacific Time

  • February 2nd

  • March 1st

  • April 5th

  • May 3rd

  • June 7th

  • July 12th

  • August 2nd

  • September 6th

  • October 4th

  • November 1st

  • December 6th

Online Forum

In addition to monthly Group Support meetings, membership includes access to Respectful Caregiving's private online forum. This is a great place to continue discussions from Group Support meetings. There are places to chat, ask questions, share resources, and discuss topics related to caring for children with respect. 

Sliding Scale​


To allow access to many people in our community, membership is available on a sliding scale, with four different price points for both regular membership and for a membership that includes individual coaching. Whenever you are able, we ask that you choose options higher on the scale to support those for whom this is not an option. See below for more pricing details. 

If you would like a way to try out membership, consider signing up for one of the courses offered at Respectful Caregiving, such as RIE Foundations, RIE Nurturing Nanny, Career Skills for Nannies, or Attachment Theory for Nannies. All of these courses come with one month of free membership. 

Attend With Your Family or Team

For Families

Memberships are per family. A family includes any adults that care for your children: parents, grandparents, nannies, aunties, etc. Adults in a family are encouraged to attend in whatever combinations work for them. For example, some parents make a commitment to always attend together and some switch off. Some parents attend with their nanny or a relative. You will likely see the most benefit if each person has a regular pattern of participation. Please plan on having another person care for your child during group support meetings so you can focus on our time together.

For Professionals

Caregivers who work in center or family-based childcare may attend in pairs with their caregiving colleagues. In other words, each membership can serve 2 professional caregivers from the same center or location.

Several generations of an Asian family walking together outdoors.
About Your Facilitator: Christina Vlinder

I have been working with infants, toddlers, and older children in child care and private homes since 1999. I began my career with some ideas about what I didn't want to do, but no concrete plan for what I did want to do. I worked with many families and slowly began to figure out what felt right. Once I began studying child development in a more rigorous way, I was able to relate those gut feelings to the huge body of scientific knowledge we now have about what children need and what helps them thrive. 

I discovered that the approach that most accurately satisfies both my gut and the research about infants and toddlers is the Educaring Approach (also known as RIE for Resources for Infant Educarers), created by infant specialist Magda Gerber. I began studying with RIE in 2010 and became a RIE Associate in 2017.

Professional headshot of Christina Vlinder.

Since then, I have taught RIE Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes, RIE Before Baby™, and RIE Nurturing Nanny™. I have served as a guest speaker at conferences and podcasts, hosted local events, and led workshops for large groups of learners. Years of guiding adults has taught me that we must give to adults the same trust, respect, and consistency we would like adults to learn to give to children. Regular contact with families and professionals helps me serve this goal, as consistent, long-term relationships build trust, so I am excited to facilitate this regular group session for you. 


Join Our Community

Community Supported Price

We all experience tight times! When you are not able to afford the standard price of membership, your community is here to support you at this reduced price. 

You can sign up for a regular membership at this price, or for a Coaching membership that also includes 1 coaching session per month.

Standard Membership Price

This is the standard price that covers the cost of your participation in membership. If you are unsure which level is right for you, this is a good place to start.

You can sign up for a regular membership at this price, or for a Coaching membership that also includes 1 coaching session per month.

Community Supporting Price

When you are able, consider paying the a little more for your monthly membership. This allows you to support those in our community who can't afford to pay full price. 

You can sign up for a regular membership at this price, or for a Coaching membership that also includes 1 coaching session per month.

Membership Price

If you would like to give more in support of your community and the work we do together, please consider paying the Giving Price for your monthly membership. 

You can sign up for a regular membership at this price, or for a Coaching membership that also includes 1 coaching session per month.

Respectful Caregiving welcomes all families and caregiving professionals.

In order to participate in membership activities, you will be asked to agree to a code of conduct.

  • Can you help me find a RIE® nanny?
    We can try! Since Respectful Caregiving trains nannies, we do sometimes hear from nannies that are looking for work. Please fill out this form and we will let you know if an easy match comes to mind. We will also forward your information to our partner nanny agencies, who are familiar with helping families find nannies that use this approach. If you do not want to use an agency and are local to the SF Bay Area, you may want to try posting in the Berkeley Parents Network or in the Facebook group RIE in Northern California. Most nannies with RIE training charge $35-$50/hour and are looking for full time work. If this is outside your budget, the best approach is to find a nanny you love without RIE training who is interested in learning and send them to the RIE® Nurturing Nanny course.
  • Can you help me find a job as a nanny?
    It's worth trying! We get many, many requests from families looking for nannies, and relatively few requests for nannies looking for work, so the odds are good. If you have not yet taken RIE® Nurturing Nanny™ or RIE Foundations™, this is a good first step. Families who are interested in this approach look for these qualifications when hiring. The next step is to fill out this form, and we will let you know if an easy match comes to mind. We will also forward your information to our partner nanny agencies, who are familiar with helping nannies find jobs with families that use this approach.
  • Will you be my nanny?
    While both Melissa and Christina do nanny work, our schedule is currently full. If that ever changes, we will offer our availability to the Respectful Caregiving mailing list, which you can subscribe to at the bottom of the page.
  • Can you train my nanny or childcare provider in RIE®?
    Yes! We can teach any nanny that is actively curious about the approach. You can sign your nanny up for RIE® Nurturing Nanny™, a course designed to introduce nannies and childcare providers to the Educaring® Approach (RIE). You can go ahead and register your nanny for the next course. If your nanny would like more advanced training, the next step would be the RIE Foundations™ course. We can also help train and support your nanny via individual sessions. Check consulting availability and book a session. More tips on training your nanny here!
  • Can you consult with me, either in person or over the phone?
    Yes, we would love to! You can book a session online here.
  • Can you help me find a playgroup or RIE® Parent Infant Guidance™ class?
    The best place to look is on If you are local to the SF Bay Area and surrounding counties, you can also join the Facebook group, RIE in Northern California, and find a playgroup or other families to spend time with. If you live in a different area, try searching for a local Facebook group and posting there.
  • Can you appear on our podcast, write an article for our newsletter, or teach at a conference I am organizing?
    Yes! We would love to speak to your audience on a variety of infant and toddler topics, and both Melissa and Christina are experienced with educating groups of 5 to 100+ people. From webinars to podcasts to conferences, there are many possibilities. Pricing varies depending on the type of presentation, length, and your audience. We are happy to find solutions that scale appropriately to the size of your audience. Use the Other Inquiries form at the bottom of the page to arrange the details. We also welcome the opportunity to write for your online or print audience. You may reuse the articles already on this website with permission, or you can use the contact form below to request something different.

Other Offerings

RIE® Nurturing Nanny™

Portrait of happy black mother holding c

The interactive RIE Nurturing Nanny course offers knowledge and practical suggestions for in-home caregivers. Learn how to make your work both easier and more enjoyable for you, while also increasing the quality of the relationship you form with the children and parents.

Attachment Theory
For Nannies

Love of a mother and baby. Family in the

Attachment Theory is the primary theory for how infants and toddlers develop during the first three years of life. In this self-paced online course, you will learn how babies form their first relationships and how the quality of these relationships has a profound impact on the rest of their life.

Career Skills for Nannies


Are you looking to improve your skills at the business aspects of being a nanny? In this self-paced online course, you will find actionable ideas for building a sustainable nanny career such as how to create a resume and contract, how to discuss issues with parents, and more. 

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