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This group is for all families, nannies, and childcare professionals interested in the Educaring® Approach in the SF Bay Area and beyond to the rest of Northern California. It's a great place to look for nannies and playgroups. 


Allice Callahan, PhD, wrote the book Science of Mom and has lots of wonderful articles on her website. Her speciality is filtering though research to help parents make decisions on things like when to start solid foods, how to reduce the risk of SIDS, immunizations, and more. 

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This is the official RIE® website where you can support our work by becoming a member, and you can find all the certified courses offered all over the world. Also check out the store, as they have books and DVDs you will not find on Amazon!


Janet Lansbury is a RIE® Associate who has written two wonderful books and thousands of articles about this approach. She also has an excellent podcast!

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Pinboard is a bookmarking site. I use it to organize my favorite articles from many different parenting blogs. Search by tag to find helpful information.

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