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Career Skills for Nannies

There is more to being a nanny than childcare. It can be hard to know what hourly rate to ask for, how to draw up a contract, and ways to handle issues that may arise with your employers in a professional way.


Learn business skills for nanny work in this self-paced course. 

Topics covered include: 

  • finding families that align with your values and appreciate your skills

  • determining the appropriate hourly rate for your education and experience

  • developing a professional resume

  • preparing for interviews

  • creating a contract, with examples

  • getting paid over the table to secure your financial future

  • working as a fluid, respectful team with parents, other nannies, and household staff

  • saying goodbye to the child and family when the time comes

Practical Information, At Your Own Pace


The course is formatted into twelve easily accessible modules, each with a short video (10-30 minutes each). There are also activities and resources for you to explore. The course includes a 15-minute individual Office Hours session to discuss specific issues, get feedback on your resume or contract, or talk about ideas for building a sustainable career.

At the end, you may take a test to demonstrate your knowledge. Students who pass the test will receive a beautiful, full-color PDF certificate to print for their portfolios. 

What's Included

Your registration for the online course includes ongoing access to:

  • twelve short videos, one for each topic

  • optional journal prompts and activities for reflection and self-growth

  • lists of resources including example contracts, resumes, and portfolios

  • a test to demonstrate your understanding of the content

  • a full-color, professional certificate, emailed to you once you pass the test

  • a 15-minute Office Hours session to discuss your contract, resume, or topic of your choice

  • access to a supportive discussion group on Facebook where you can ask questions and network to find good job opportunities

  • upon completion of the course, one free month of membership at Respectful Caregiving

Nannies are saying...

"I really appreciated the advocacy for raising up the value of nanny profession."

"Christina is an amazing leader and teacher. She's extremely educated in the caregiving profession and delivers the material in a paced and respectable manner. Highly recommend!!"

"Christina’s career skills class was very comprehensive and well organized. I appreciated her insights as a career nanny and the solid resources (such as an excellent basic contract template) she shared. I feel more confident and better equipped as I move forward in my nanny family search." 

"Christina is wonderful. Her approach to teaching comes from a caring and helpful place."

"Christina's presentations were clear, interesting, and accessible -- very dynamic and engaging.

"Christina has been an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoy all the effort and dedication she has put forth in this course. She is an excellent communicator and always answers any queries promptly."

"I would like to make the people who work with infants the most honorable and best paid--not overpaid, because it shouldn't be done by people who do it only for the money. Educaring should be done by very capable people who also make a decent living. That's what I would wish for the future.


We can make it happen. It won't happen in weeks or even in months. The politicians will not make it happen. We have to do it. We have to present ourselves like professional people who do a most important job, which we do. Slowly, not in my time but in yours, this may have results. Keep fighting for it."


Magda Gerber

Educaring, 1995

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