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  • Can you help me find a job as a nanny?
    Yes, almost certainly! I get many, many requests from families looking for nannies, and relatively few requests for nannies looking for work, so the odds of me being able to find a family for you are good. If you have not yet taken RIE® Nurturing Nanny™ or RIE Foundations™, I recommend you do this as soon as possible. Families who are interested in this approach look for these qualifications when hiring. Please fill out this form and I will let you know if I can think of a match for you. If I can't find anyone for you, I will forward your information to a nanny agency familiar with helping nannies find jobs with families that use this approach.
  • Can you help me find a RIE® nanny?
    I can try! Since I train nannies in this approach, I do sometimes hear from nannies that are looking for work. Please fill out this form and I will let you know if I can think of a match for you. If I can't find anyone for you, I can forward your information to a nanny agency familiar with helping families find nannies that use this approach. If you do not want to use an agency and are local to the SF Bay Area, I recommend posting in the Berkeley Parents Network or in the Facebook group I moderate, RIE in Northern California. Most nannies with RIE training charge $35-$50/hour. If this is outside your budget, I recommend finding a nanny you love without RIE training who is interested in learning and send her to my RIE® Nurturing Nanny course.
  • Will you be my nanny?
    Sorry, my schedule is full! If that ever changes, I will offer my availability to my mailing list, so I invite you to subscribe.
  • Can you train my nanny or childcare provider in RIE®?
    Yes! I can teach any nanny that is actively curious about the approach. You can sign your nanny up for one of my RIE® Nurturing Nanny™ courses designed to introduce nannies and childcare providers to the Educaring® Approach (RIE). You can go ahead and register your nanny for the next course. If your nanny would like more advanced training, I recommend a RIE Foundations™ course. I can also help train and support your nanny via individual sessions. Check my consulting availability and book a session! More tips on training your nanny here!
  • Can you consult with me, either in person or over the phone?"
    Yes, I would love to! You can book a session online here.
  • Can you help me find a playgroup or RIE® Parent Infant Guidance™ class?
    I have created two wonderful resources to help you find classes and community near you. The first is the Bay Area Infant Toddler Network. This is a group of RIE Associates, Interns, and Practicum students offering services in the Bay Area. Please check out the many classes offered on that website! If you are local to the SF Bay Area and surrounding counties, you can also join my Facebook group, RIE in Northern California, and find a playgroup or other families to spend time with. I wish you luck!
  • Can you appear on our podcast, write an article for our newsletter, or teach at a conference I am organizing?
    Yes! I would love to speak to your audience on a variety of infant and toddler topics, and I am experienced with educating groups of 5 to 100+ people. I can usually book webinars and podcasts without too much issue. I am also happy to teach in person for courses or conferences. Just contact me using the Other Inquiries form at the bottom of the page to arrange the details. I welcome the opportunity to write for your online or print audience. You may reuse the articles on this website with permission, or you can contact me to request something different.
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Other Inquiries

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