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Attachment Theory For Nannies

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Attachment Theory is the primary theory for how infants and toddlers develop during the first three years of life. In this self-paced online course, you will have an opportunity to learn how babies form their first relationships and how the quality of these relationships has a profound impact on the rest of their life. We will cover the types of attachment and how attachment patterns are recorded in the brain. You will also learn hands-on skills for fostering a secure attachment with babies you care for and how to speak to parents about a child's attachment needs.

Practical Information, At Your Own Pace


This self-paced course is offered entirely online and consists of approximately 2 hours of recorded lecture. At the end, you will take a test to demonstrate your knowledge. Students who pass the test will receive a beautiful full-color PDF certificate to print for their portfolios. There are also optional journal questions, which you can reflect on privately or submit for feedback. 

What's Included

Your registration for the online course includes ongoing access to:

  • six videos of lecture, around 3 hours total

  • optional journal prompts for reflection and self-growth

  • a test to demonstrate your understanding of the content

  • a full-color, professional certificate, emailed to you once you pass the test

  • access to a supportive discussion group on Facebook where you can ask questions and network to find good job opportunities

  • upon completion of the course, one free month of membership at Respectful Caregiving

Nannies who have taken the course say...

"While I have previously learned about attachment theory in psychology classes, Christina Vlinder's "Attachment Theory for Nannies" course is a valuable source for new information on attachment from the perspective of a child care provider. Furthermore, the course demonstrates concrete ways that I can apply the research on attachment theory in my professional behavior and offers suggestions for other resources that may benefit nannies like myself."

"It was great. I'm a postpartum doula and it helped me understand attachment theories."

"I love how Christina presents the materials and how her own experience is weaved into it."

"Christina is wonderful. Her approach to teaching comes from a caring and helpful place."

"If every nanny (even those with experience) could take this course, we would be one giant step closer to creating a world in which future generations have a greater sense of emotional and mental well-being. The self-paced aspect, engaging presentation, and certification at this price point were exactly what I needed to reengage my passion and inspire me to pursue more RIE-based education through Christina's other courses!"

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