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Attachment Theory For Nannies

Love of a mother and baby. Family in the

Attachment Theory is the primary theory for how infants and toddlers develop during the first three years of life. In this self-paced online course, you will have an opportunity to learn how babies form their first relationships and how the quality of these relationships has a profound impact on the rest of their life. We will cover the types of attachment and how attachment patterns are recorded in the brain. You will also learn hands-on skills for fostering a secure attachment with babies you care for and how to speak to parents about a child's attachment needs.

Practical Information, At Your Own Pace

This self-paced course is offered entirely online and consists of approximately 3 hours of recorded lecture. At the end, you will take a test to demonstrate your knowledge. Students who pass the test will receive a beautiful full-color PDF certificate to print for their portfolios. There are also optional journal questions, which you can reflect on privately or submit for feedback. 

Tuition & What's Included

Your registration for the online course includes lifetime access to:

  • six videos of lecture, around 3 hours total

  • optional journal prompts for reflection and self-growth

  • a test to demonstrate your understanding of the content

  • a full-color, professional certificate, emailed to you once you pass the test

  • lifetime access to a supportive discussion group on Facebook where you can ask questions and network to find good job opportunities


Tuition: $45

Nannies Say...

"Christina is wonderful. Her approach to teaching comes from a caring and helpful place."

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