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Individualized Nanny Training

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Would you like your nanny to learn more about child development and responsive caregiving? I would be happy to work with her one-on-one during a coaching session. I often cover topics such as:

  • trouble-shooting difficult toddler behaviors

  • getting everyone on the same page with sleep routines

  • helping a nanny used to older children prepare to care for your new baby

  • establishing a routine of peaceful observation

  • helping nannies understand the sequence of natural gross motor development

  • showing your nanny the value of sensitive, cooperative caregiving routines like diapering

Whatever it is about RIE® that you love the most, that is what I would like to teach your nanny. One-on-one nanny coaching goes as follows: 

  1. You schedule a consult with me to share what you know about your nanny, and what you would like her to learn.

  2. We schedule time with your nanny. For in-person visits (local to the SF Bay Area, CA, this can include me observing her work and providing training while she is on the job. 

  3. After each session, you and I will check in and discuss your nanny's progress.

You can schedule one session for your nanny, or many, as suits the needs of your family. In-person visits can encompass all three elements in a single day or half-day. The sessions could come either before or after your nanny takes my RIE® Nurturing Nanny™ course


I can also help you evaluate nannies during the interview process. 

Career Coaching For Nannies

Nannies, if you are looking for one-on-one assistance, I would love to help you in an individual session. I can give you pointers on: 

  • Drawing up a nanny-contract to suit your career

  • Creating a professional resume

  • Planning a career that will lead to financial stability

  • Troubleshooting issues with current families

You can book a phone session or an in-person meeting (local to the SF Bay Area, CA). If you like, we can talk shop over lunch or coffee!

You might also be interested in my Career Skills for Nannies workshop, or Nurturing Nanny. Graduates of Nurturing Nanny are eligible for phone sessions at a discounted rate (email me for the coupon code).

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"I would like to make the people who work with infants the most honorable and best paid--not overpaid, because it shouldn't be done by people who do it only for the money. Educaring should be done by very capable people who also make a decent living. That's what I would wish for the future.


"We can make it happen. It won't happen in weeks or even in months. The politicians will not make it happen. We have to do it. We have to present ourselves like professional people who do a most important job, which we do. Slowly, not in my time but in yours, this may have results. Keep fighting for it."

Magda Gerber

Educaring, 1995

Career Coaching

Book a Session

You will pay $75 to reserve an hour of phone consulting. If you use less than one hour of time, you may ask for a refund of the remaining time. Use the coupon code FREECH...
Phone Consult
55 min
You will pay $85 to reserve an hour of video consulting. If you use less than one hour of time, you may ask for a refund of the remaining time.
Video Consult
55 min
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