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Parent Coaching

Do you need one-on-one assistance with setting up a play area, dealing with toddler tantrums, or moving towards cooperative diaper changes?  I have over a decade of experience in helping parents with the day-to-day big and little questions that arise when raising an infant or toddler. Book a private phone or video coaching session or an in-person home visit on the topic of your choice. Common themes include: 

Beautiful East Asian Infant Girl Crying Loudly.jpg

understanding a young baby's cries and cues, and helping them learn to regulate

Little latin boy getting off the glasses of his mom..jpg

practicing kind and effective disciple, without putting strain on your relationship

portrait of asian baby playing in the room.jpg

creating a safe and appropriate environment for infant & toddler play, so you can both relax


helping children manage conflicts and socialize with each other

Mother or nanny massaging belly of infant child at home. Closeup photo: female hands massa

changing diaper changes from a battle into an enjoyable time of connection

Mother Baby Bonding

beginning solid food and weaning from breastfeeding


supporting children as they progress through natural play and movement milestones

August 31, 2018untitled shootDSC00019_ed

choosing a quality infant care situation

These topics are just examples. Each coaching session is entirely individualized, so you can use the time in whatever way feels helpful to you. 

I also offer more structured and comprehensive assessments for longstanding or complex issues. Sleeping and feeding struggles that have proven difficult for you to address so far often respond better to structured assessment and a series of follow-up sessions. If you aren't sure if an assessment makes sense for your situation, feel free to book a coaching session first and we can discuss it together. 

Book a Consut

Book a Consult

Phone Consult
Little Asian Baby Boy Talking On A Retro Telephone..jpg

Parent coaching, nanny coaching, sleep consulting, or other topics via phone.


55 minutes

Video Consult

An Excited toddler using a laptop computer..jpg

Parent coaching, nanny coaching, nursery design, or other topics via Zoom or another video chat service.


55 minutes

In-Home Consult

IMG_8400-2 small square.jpg

In-home appointments for parent coaching, nanny training, nursery design, or other topics.


1 hour 30 minutes

Service Area

Service Area For Home Visits

The green area on this map shows the service area for home visits with Christina Vlinder. If you are outside this service area, there is a travel fee of $2/mile from Concord, CA. 


Other options include a phone consult or reaching out to another RIE® professional, as there is likely someone close to you. 

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