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Code of Conduct

Be respectful

Caring for children is very personal work. During this course, you may find yourself participating in deep conversations that unearth emotional vulnerability in yourself and others. Keep this in mind and be respectful and kind in all your interactions. You will also likely hear about experiences of caring for children that are different from your own way of working. Remember that each individual learns at their own pace, and that we do not necessarily benefit from correction or criticism. Rather than being critical, think about what you are learning from encountering these differences. 

It is never acceptable to engage in personal attacks or discrimination/slurs on the basis of race, skin color, body size, gender, gender presentation, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

Take Space, Make Space

Try to be aware of your class participation relative to other students. Our group learning experience depends on hearing from everyone. If you are a student who feels hesitant to speak up in class or who prefers to listen, please remember to Take Space for yourself. If you are a student who likes to speak up often, remember to also Make Space for others.

Be discreet

This course is a safe space to discuss our work with children. Everything you read in the forums and hear in class should be considered strictly confidential. Do not take screenshots or share information with others.

Post with integrity

All course content that you submit via assignments, forum discussion, etc., should be solely your work and not the writing of others copied from another source. If you reference the work of another, cite it in such a way that we can view the original content.

Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in a lifetime ban from the forums or groups and removal from any current course without a refund.

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