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Babies playing on the floor while parents observe

My Parent Infant classes are a gentle way to learn respectful parenting. I facilitate guided by Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach (also known as RIE®). This class is a combination of discussion and sensitive observation of your baby at play. The pace is determined by the parent’s interests and the children’s needs as you grow together throughout the first two years of the infant’s life. Parents I have worked with say that they enjoy the class as a peaceful time to connect with their child and to recharge their caregiving batteries.


My classes meet weekly in a space where babies can freely explore age appropriate toys. I encourage parents to place young babies on their backs. This allows babies to develop motor skills at their own pace. Crawling children often begin in their parent's lap and move to explore when they are ready.  

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Much of the class is spent observing the children. Observation is a key component in the Educaring® Approach. By observing children, we learn about their interests and needs. During observation, adults sit quietly and give children 100% of their attention. It’s a special time when children can take the lead.


We discuss common topics of infancy and toddlerhood, led by our observations and questions.  

Topics commonly covered include: 

-establishing sleep routines

-gentle holding, diapering, and bathing

-establishing communication patterns

-natural progression of motor skills

-ideal environments for independent play

-coeexisting with siblings and other relatives


Older babies are offered a simple snack of fruit and water. Snacktime is a routine with rules, for instance: sitting down while eating. Parents observe while I demonstrate how limits like this can be set consistently and respectfully.  


The class is ongoing until the children are nearing age 2. Having a consistent group of children for two years facilitates the development of empathy and other prosocial skills. It is so rewarding to see the bonds that form between children and parents during that time.


Please also read the Class Guide before your first class.


The cost is $30 per class. Sliding scale or financial assitance is available. 

I am currently offering these classes through Berkeley Rose Waldorf School. Please visit their site to register. ​


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