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Financial Aid For RIE Foundations™

If you feel unable to afford the cost of the RIE® Foundations course, I would like to present you with some options. 

1. Talk to your employer - If your workplace has requested or required you to attend this course, they should be paying for the course. They will benefit from you experience! Most employers are willing to pay half or all of your tuition. 

2. Talk to your friends and family - Learning about RIE is a sound investment in your future career. If you talk to your friends and family about the course and your financial barrier to attending, you may find that they are interested in supporting you by paying for a portion of your tuition.

3. Consider paying in installments - Your tuition can be pain in the form of installments. You do not need to fill out the financial aid form to pay in installments, just fill out the (shorter) contact form. Installments are non-refundable and must all be paid before your course starts. Typically, installments are divided into equal payments, one for each month leading up to the course. You can help decide the schedule.

4. Apply for a scholarship - Usually there are two partial needs-based scholarships available per course, although this varies depending on how much has been contributed to the Scholarship Fund and current enrollment. Unfortunately, this is rarely enough to cover the amount of scholarship requests, which is why it is helpful to explore the above options before applying. 

Thank you for helping to make it possible for many people to take the course!

Please fill out this form if you would like to be considered for financial aid for the Foundations course. Financial aid applications are due three weeks before the start date of the course. Your spot is not reserved until you are awarded a scholarship, accept it, and pay a deposit.

Thanks for submitting! Scholarship decisions are made 1-2 months before the course starts, so you will hear more then.

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