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Web Design

Fellow RIE® facilitators, I can build you a website for your work that is modern, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate.

A high quality website is an essential tool in this industry to draw in families, let them know what to expect, and help them build trust in your work. A website is also a huge time saver for you, in that you can give information, post your policies, and even have parents fill out forms and register for classes, all automated. That is the main reason I have worked so hard on my own website: I save a lot of time by simply linking families to things like my welcome letter or workshop offerings, instead of typing it up in emails over and over again. Having a professional website is the single biggest draw for parent infant classes and other services. Nearly all of my families list "searched on google" aka my website, as their first point of contact. 

Anyone can build you a website, but I can provide a smoother process for you as I know the nature of the work we are doing. I also know how to use the RIE® trademarks accurately depending on your Associate status. 


Prices are determined individually, but here are a few price guidelines. 



A simple, one-page Wix website with multiple horizontal sections (long scroll) that views well on both desktop and mobile. The Bay Area Infant Toddler Network website is a good example of this.

The basic website includes:

integrated images (you must provide the photos

 a class calendar that is easy for you to update yourself

your bio

basic information about your services

a contact form

a subscription/newsletter system

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your website will show up on Google 


You will provide the text, but I can help you tweak it for the flow of the website or to other editing goals. This is a simple kind of website, but it is all most of you will need for your business. 



Basic + Blog: 

All of the above, plus a functioning blog that can easily cross-post to Facebook and other platforms. 




A more robust website will include all of the above, plus separate pages for different services or other information. This is a more full-fledged option. I recommend this for those of you with multiple services or if you, like me, want to have a lot of information online. 




An advanced website will include all of the above, plus various systems of automation for your business. For example, online waiver forms, online registration for your classes, online booking for consulting, etc. This website is an excellent example of this.



This service is designed to get your website up and running. I am available to help with future updates or troubleshooting at an hourly rate of $75/hour, or you can take on those tasks yourself. Wix is very user-friendly, and I can provide training via Skype  for $75/hr. 


Please note that these fees do not include the payments to Wix itself for their software, hosting, and domain name. You can expect to pay $125-$200 for that no matter who builds your site. You may also want to budget a small amount for buying stock photos, although it is much better if you can provide your own.

At this time, I am only offering web design services to fellow RIE® Associates and those in the RIE® Pathway. Please email me if you are interested.

Love of a mother and baby. Family in the
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